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Bengal cats are still rare,especially in Russia and especially in our region Is one of the most beautiful, luxurious and expensive breeds of cats!! People familiar with the Bengals mainly only "hearsay", treat them with suspicion and often ask questions like: "and it is as the owner you will not eat?" At the same time, owners of Bengal cats often show signs of insanity to his favorites, sometimes reaching as far as fanaticism. This range of views is not surprising, breed something really unique, because it arose as a result of purposeful crossing wild Asian leopard cat (Felis Bengalensis or ALC) with domestic cats. The General idea of the author of this unusual project, American biologist Jane mill consisted in the fact that people may cease to encourage barbaric extermination of small forest predator, if he will come to associate them with a pet. In addition, she wanted that people were finally able to get the animal, which, being affectionate and hand, in many other respects resembled a typical inhabitant of the jungle. Usually calves resulting from interspecific crosses, completely barren. However, surprisingly, in this case, the experiment was successful. Male hybrids of the first three generations from ALC were sterile, but from females with further binding with domestic cats managed to get offspring that are able to reproduce. Each purebred Bengal kitten carries 15-25% of their gene leopard ancestors. Due to this fact cats Bengal breed has certain unique features, such as love to play in the water, enchanting plastic movements, the special structure of the head (the so-called "wild type") the mind and, of course, fantastic, beautiful color. Small bengalia that they grew sweet and affectionate, it is necessary for a child to teach their hands to give them much attention, to communicate with them, play and fondle them. When his mobility and agility Bengal cats are very sociable. Therefore, to play and to make friends with them is a great pleasure. They are very easily trained, disputed and neomedia. Get along well with dogs. With other cats too make friends, but will show leadership. The Bengals love water, some are good swimmers, and someone who likes to take a shower. Water games - one of the most favorite activities in Bengal cats. Well walking on the grass on a leash, reminding cute dogs. Here they are, these Bengal cats - little robbers!Clever, clever, clever, brave, funny, cheerful, sociable, gentle, affectionate and certainly very graceful, bright and beautiful ! Not to fall in love with them at first sight is simply impossible!

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